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Video syndication is a hot topic in the world of online media. While the general idea is understood well enough – it’s a way for content owners to make more money in more places. But, there’s still plenty of confusion about what video syndication actually is, how it works, and what publishers need to do to start the revenue flowing.

Do you know what video syndication is?

video-syndicationLet’s first start with a definition of terms. Video syndication builds on a similar model, which was developed for television. TV syndication is the practice of selling the right to present a TV show in a specific geography for a specific time period, especially to more than one customer, such as a TV station, a cable channel, or a programming service such as a national broadcasting system. Daytime talk and game shows, sitcom reruns, original TV movies and reality shows are all great examples of video syndication. It’s big business – supporting a $4.2 billion ad marketplace in 2010 alone.

Technology changes with time and technological changes are coming at record levels. We are currently in an age when the television (as well as the Internet) is going through a state of metamorphosis. Most of us have a misconception regarding uploading of videos and video syndication. We typically think that videos merely consist of movies or music videos. Frankly, it’s much more than that!

Print media, television and radio advertising are all losing their importance in our day to day lives because we have become increasingly dependent upon the Internet for our information source. According to many research studies, corporations are pulling more money from print media and putting a lot more into video promotion and video syndication. In order for your business to remain competitive, you need to be doing the same!

In its simplest terms, the basic idea behind video syndication is to take a single video and distribute it across as many video channels as possible. The advantages from a branding perspective are clear. The more places your branded message appears the better the likelihood that people will watch your video and be exposed to a brand impression. In short, bring your video to the people through video syndication, rather than expecting them to come to you.

Taking this concept into the digital age, video syndication introduces the practice of digital content distribution – programming video players and applications to run digital content and distributing them across computers, connected TVs, tablets, smart phones, and mobile devices of every description. You can also think of video syndication as player syndication, since the programmed video player is being syndicated across multiple outlets. Because the video player provides a direct channel to run a publisher’s content, player syndication and video syndication are in effect synonymous.

The SEO advantages of video syndication are less clear, but there is certainly evidence to show that syndicated distribution of a video has the potential to drastically improve its ranking on Google.

Online video syndication services have been around for several years and are helping many businesses, advertising agencies and producers transition from paid television ads to paid online video ads. While many of these services provide legitimate ways of attracting consumers to the videos, others have developed ways of short-cutting the process to quickly increase view counts and other forms of engagement.

In an effort to promote your online business or even yourself (artists, musicians, broadcasters, etc.), it’s becoming increasingly important to not only create a great video, but also to have your video uploaded and distributed to the top video syndication sites (YouTube, Google, MySpace, etc.) on the Internet. As a result of the need to put yourself or your business out on the web to stand out from the competition, we are streamlining the process for you by getting your video uploaded and distributed to all the top online video websites by using our dynamic video syndication process.

But, why should we promote our video syndication processes? Well, there are actually a number of reasons…

  • Our video syndication programs increase exposure to your online videos by distributing your video to the top video websites on the Internet, resulting in more views of your videos.
  • Our video syndication programs enhance potential of your online videos to gain in popularity.
  • Our video syndication programs increase online traffic to your website through reaching out to people on the most popular video websites.
  • Our video syndication programs save you time and resources by doing all the work of getting your videos successfully uploaded and distributed.

It will prove to be a stressful, lengthy and time consuming process if you begin to look for the best websites for video syndication, and then manually upload your video for everyone to see. This is where Eagle Web Video! steps in – to assist you with our team of experts to save you both time and money. We will upload your video to the most popular video syndication websites and at the same time, create accounts on those video sites for you as well.


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