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The video production and online commercial business is very dynamic and is evolving every single day. The way consumers interact with brands has also changed. This change is majorly attributed to fundamental and irreversible technology and audience shift. Some of this change has been observed in media fragmentation and a shift in trust from traditional advertising to peer recommendations, giving rise to dynamic social media marketing techniques. Eagle Web Video! has developed an approach and methodology to enable our clients to communicate about their business and their brand through the extraordinary power of online commercials.

We create short, entertaining and informative online commercials about you and your company that spark interest 10X faster and more effectively than text or images. We have found a way to make online commercials affordable and we also offer the marketing power to help small businesses be very competitive in an increasingly cluttered online space. Online commercials and social media marketing offers a highly targeted alternative to television, radio, print and billboard campaigns at a fraction of the cost.

Here’s an example of what our online commercials look like…


Why online commercials?

Because nothing gets a message across faster than a well-produced multimedia experience.

People don’t connect with scripted words, and they don’t usually identify with paid spokespeople. Your potential customers are just like you. They want real people talking openly and honestly about their business.

Nobody knows your business better than you. If you’re trying to forge relationships and build consumer confidence with genuine value, why would you ever let a paid actor pretend to say nice things about you in an online commercial? Why not help your potential customers meet the real you through a direct, authentic and compelling online commercial.

Online commercials allow you to build a trust relationship or bond with potential customers so they can experience the KLT factor – so they can learn to “Know” you, “Like” you and “Trust” you. Only then will they feel comfortable enough to buy from you.

Like yourself, people visiting your website have spent a lifetime gathering information and forming opinions through real-life experiences. Trust, familiarity and confidence are the foundation of sales, but they’re also by-products of getting to know a real and authentic person. So get real with an online commercial!

Eagle Web Video! online commercials are a 60-90 second “introduction” created specifically for your business. No scripts. No plastic pitches. Just the “real” you inviting people to take a closer look.

Here’s another example of what we mean…


Since YouTube’s introduction in 2005, online commercials have seen enormous growth. The past several years have seen an explosion of video content on the web. With the introduction of Google’s universal search in 2007, the opportunity to leverage online commercials for digital marketing and the monetization of multimedia content has made online commercials nothing short of essential. In just a few short years, online commercials have become an integral part of our online experience, resulting in billions of online commercials being posted on the web.

Industry analysts predict that online commercials will remain the most popular content format for advertising and marketing purposes in the years ahead. A study released by comScore in February 2010 showed that nearly 178 million Internet users in the United States watched online commercials in December 2009 alone, and more than 33 billion online commercials were viewed for that month as well.

Research has shown that well-optimized online commercials have a much higher chance of securing page one rankings than traditional web content. But optimization is not just a matter of posting videos on YouTube, Yahoo!, or other portals. With the billions of online commercials readily viewable on the Internet, the challenge of ensuring that your content reaches its target audience is best left to our team of experts!

Experts agree that visual presentations like online commercials, videos productions and movies are more effective for learning and memory retention purposes than the written word. This means that online commercials can help people remember your brand, and your unique offering, much more effectively than traditional advertising.

Eagle Web Video! can assist you in developing a custom strategic marketing campaign that leverages online commercials and social media solutions on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs and other social community sites to achieve your marketing goals. Our services include consulting, training, tech set-up, online commercial production & syndication, as well as social media promotion of your online commercials. We provide clients with state-of-the-art “Attention Getting” online commercials that get potential customers to pick up the phone more quickly and call, or to go to your website or business to purchase your product or service – and to purchase more often!



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