The Eagle Realtor Vids! Program


how would you like to show your listings
to prospective buyers like this…



Well now you can!


Presenting Realtor Vids!…



Realtor Vids! was founded to give Real Estate Agents a simple and effective way to market their listings – and get them sold FAST!

Realtor Vids! are designed to make your listing look amazing so that the potential buyer “falls in love” with the listing before they even pick up the phone to call you.

Our Motto is: “More Houses Sold With Less Work For You!”


Our Realtor Vids Commitment To You

We provide our customers with state-of-the-art “Attention Getting Videos” of their listed properties that get potential customers to pick up the phone and call to learn more. We strive to provide excellent customer service and know the importance of getting your product (Realtor Vids!) out quickly! As a matter of fact, we’ll have your video done within 24-48 hours from the time that you submit the property.


In Regards to Pricing

Our pricing is designed so that a Real Estate Agent will be able to afford a year of our service with the sale of just one small property. On average, a Real Estate Agent could make just one quick sale with the help of our service and pay for their entire Realtor Vids! yearly subscription. Add this to our excellent customer service, and you’ll quickly see the amazing value that we provide!


How Realtor Vids! Works

Once you sign up for our Realtor Vids! Service, the entire 3-step process is EASY!

Step 1: You provide us the listing, either by sending us photos and listing information, or by sending us a link to the listing’s current webpage (if you have a company site where your staff uploads the information).

Step 2: Our staff goes to work and does their magic!

Step 3: We send you a link to the video and the code you need so you can post your Realtor Vids! on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else you’re allowed to post content.


Why Do Our Customers Love Realtor Vids?

  • When our customers call us, we get back to them… FAST!

  • Our Realtor Vids! videos are a big part of our customer’s success… so we get them done… FAST!

  • We don’t “brand” your Realtor Vids! We understand that our service gives you an edge over the competition and that any Realtor Vids! branding would tip them off and allow them to “CATCH UP”. The only “branding” that will show up on your video, is YOUR branding. What they don’t know… won’t hurt YOU!

  • On average, it takes just one small sale to pay for our Realtor Vids! service for an entire year! If just one of our videos leads just one customer to buy from you, then you’ve already paid for our service all year. Our clients can’t afford NOT to use us!

  • We provide excellent web marketing training. We’ll coach you on the step-by-step process of marketing with Realtor Vids! (both online and offline)

  • Before anyone commits to paying for our service, we let them try it FREE!


Realtor Vids Videos



Today there ARE ways that you can CRUSH your competition without breaking the bank! And there are also ways that this can be done without having to learn a lot of new sales and marketing technologies and techniques – and without taking further time away from your already busy schedule! This is where Realtor Vids! comes into play.

In conclusion, what’s at stake here is your future! You must act now! Follow through and stop at nothing to realize your goal. Every time that you’re rewarded by having made the right move, the right decision, the right plan – that should give you the motivation you need to move forward! This motivation then becomes a perpetual flow of positive thoughts, positive being and positive energy. So, let us help build your business the smart, painless way with Realtor Vids!

There’s no time for excuses! You’re future depends upon the actions that you take today! It takes a lot of determination to let NOTHING stand in your way! But, it takes very little effort to have EVERYTHING stand in your way!


    Contact Us For Details and a Free Quote Today!    


…but don’t forget to ask about YOUR OWN FREE REALTOR VIDS!




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