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Through authenticity and a minimalist style, the Eagle Web Video! HD production videos highlight your genuine message and strengthen trust with your potential customers. Everything from the set, the motion, the music, the cutaways, to the editing is focused on revealing the heart and motivation behind you and your company.

You absolutely do NOT need to be a public speaker, industry leader, or polished salesman to produce a great production video. If you sincerely believe in what you offer and want to share that without the fluff and filters of ad-speak, we can provide the vehicle to get you started with your own corporate production video.

The innovative ways we coordinate a virtual conversation and help develop your production video‘s message are proprietary secrets. No other studio can offer the painless experience and consistent quality that we do.

Tell me, do you really think you can count on a local video guy that does all his production and editing at his kitchen table to authentically reveal your genuine value? Or to put it another way, would you order lobster from a burger joint?

Please don’t misunderstand me – we’re not beating up on other video pros! We have a ton of good friends in the industry, and are often in awe of their talents. But other studios understand scripts and video equipment, but not authenticity based production video marketing. And your company deserves the very best quality at an affordable price.

Our production video methodology saves time and money as we uncover your powerfully authentic message.

Eagle Web Video! creates compelling MotionGraphic, Voice-Over and Animated Slideshow videos for online direct marketing, sales and communications. Our talented creative team produces quality production video content quickly and affordably that generates results. Whether you need brand response production videos for consumer marketing and online advertising, or direct response production videos for B2B marketing and lead generation, we can meet your production video needs at far less than half the cost of traditional agencies.

Let’s be honest here, most web production video services produce the same types of video. I’m sure you’ve seen them – PowerPoint style presentations, sloppy, non-descript slideshows. Some production videos are also accompanied by some equally dull corporate music that is instantly forgettable – or a production video with nothing but words on the screen and a presenter droning on for what seems like hours. It’s like watching paint dry!

These types of production videos may be tolerated at dull business meetings, but if you want results in today’s fast-paced and competitive online markets, you MUST be using a production video that stops your viewer dead in their tracks, grabs their attention, keeps them glued to the screen, and begging for more!

Our Creative Directors and Motion Graphics team have mastered the art of creating engaging, cost effective direct response marketing production videos using the most advanced motion graphics techniques available. We’ll combine your available website graphics and images with stock and custom imagery to create highly stylized branded production videos that resonate with your target viewer and drive high conversion rates.

Sometimes all you need for your marketing concept is to turn beautiful images into moving slideshows with music or voice-over. This is a very inexpensive way to develop eye catching production video content for web marketing and communications. Slideshow production videos work great for travel, real estate, fundraising marketing and other presentations.

Voice-over allows you to precisely control the way your product or service is communicated to your customers. Voice-over production videos are best used to convey authority and detailed product offerings that resonate and positively influence your target viewer. Casting the right voice-over is important to the success of your production video. Let us show you how using voice-over can transform your online marketing communications.

Everyone is watching…

But are their eyes on your production video?



Online production video has been a top marketing priority since 2009, and Eagle Web Video! can give you a decisive edge over your competition. Our industry-leading insights, and tested proprietary technologies and techniques are backed by years of experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and sophisticated Internet Marketing. We know what your production videos need to secure strong rankings, and have the exclusive tools to carry out the most effective Production Video SEO campaigns.

Well-optimized production videos have a much greater chance of securing page one rankings in Google and leading search engines than traditional web content, and our services can bring you one step closer to that goal. Our innovative strategy and focused, individualized approach to your production video SEO campaign will skyrocket your brand, and drive powerful, profitable traffic to your website. Every day, we monitor and fine-tune your campaign direction to achieve continued maximum results.

Greater exposure, commanding rankings, and an explosive ROI are all within your reach. Let us execute your production video SEO campaign, and you can watch your business grow.


Eagle Web Video! can assist you with your production video.

We can help by developing a custom strategic marketing campaign that leverages online production video and social media solutions on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs and other social community sites to achieve your marketing goals. Our services include consulting, training, tech set-up, production video creation & syndication, as well as social media promotion of your production videos. We provide clients with state-of-the-art “Attention Getting” production videos that get potential customers to pick up the phone more quickly and call, or to go to your website or business to purchase your product or service – and to purchase more often!

Here’s just an example of what our HD Production Videos look like…



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