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Web Video Production & Syndication Packages

#1 Gold is our

_#1 Gold_

Setup Video / Article Syndication
Distribution Service
63+ channels
115+ channels
115+ channels
115+ channels
Produce Initial 60-90 Second Video
1 each
2 each
Produce Initial Related Article
1 each
2 each
Produce 5x5x4 System Videos
Produce 5x5x4 System Articles
Produce 10x10x4 System Videos
Produce 10x10x4 System Articles
Syndicate Initial System Videos & Articles
Produce Free Report / Guide for Lead Generation
Produce Video Lead Capture Page
Produce Basic Notifications & Prospect
Thank You
Drive Traffic & Capture Leads
Setup Email Autoresponder System
1 per Month
2 per Month
4 per Month
4 per Month
Produce Follow-on 60-90 Second Videos
1 per Month
2 per Month
3 per Month
4 per Month
Produce Follow-on Related Articles
1 per Month
2 per Month
3 per Month
4 per Month
Syndicate Follow-on System Videos & Articles
Produce Podcast Episodes
2 per Month
3 per Month
4 per Month
Monthly Expert Monitoring & Tracking
Monthly Profile & Traffic Reporting
Ongoing Email Support



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Other Eagle Web Video! Services




Video Audit

We’ll evaluate your online presence, including your website, traffic drivers, e-marketing, video marketing and social media platforms for video. We’ll give you honest feedback and recommendations for how you can best leverage video and social media for your business, and show you how to become more efficient online and help you maximize results!


Follow Up Web Conference

Need more help or want to ask questions? Schedule a 1-hour, unlimited questions follow up web conference where we’ll go over the results of your Video Audit one-on-one and answer all of your questions!


Video Audit & Follow Up Web Conference

Want to have your cake and eat it, too? Great! Grab both at once and save some dough!




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