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eagle-web-video-squareLet’s talk about the idiot-proof way to get new customers in a down economy!

When money’s tight, the knee-jerk reaction for many entrepreneurs and small businesses is to cut back on advertising. Unfortunately, the businesses that stop advertising simply drop out of sight, taking these entrepreneurs from slow sales to no sales – fast! It’s a risky move many may not recover from. Rather than eliminate your advertising during a recession, cut the fat from your advertising campaign, and focus on the right media choices for the highest return on investment (ROI).

Don’t cut the budget! Recessions offer unprecedented opportunities to market in an environment of relatively less noise, as other business owners back out of the market (source: Forbes Magazine).

Don’t cut that budget! This is one of the first mistakes businesses make during times of economic crisis (source: About.com).

How are potential customers going to find you? Let’s look at the facts…

1. How do potential buyers find a local business?

  • 31% use search engines (increasing each year)

  • 30% use printed yellow pages (decreasing each year)

  • 39% use all other types of marketing & advertising
    (source: TMP Directional Marketing)

2. 79% of consumers have signed up to receive at least one email newsletter (source: Forrester Research).

3. Online marketing delivers more than $51.00 return on investment (ROI) for every marketing dollar spent (source: Direct Marketing Association).

4. A survey of 55,000 consumers in 2007 revealed that the number of respondents that visited a website after they received an email promotion increased to 62% – and that percentage has been increasing ever since (Source: Decision Direct Research).

The traditional methods of marketing local business just aren’t working like they used to. Yellow page ads, newspaper and shopper ads, business directories and other offline marketing methods are becoming too expensive and are not providing the return necessary to offset their cost.

Marketing Technologies! has developed cost effective online marketing methods for local offline business owners and entrepreneurs. The backbone of our service revolves around Web video. This is a growing marketing trend. As a matter of fact, the industry is expected to top $7.1 Billion by the end of 2011 and it’s growing by 300% or more every month.

Let Marketing Technologies! show you how you can compete locally, and if you desire, internationally – let us help you become #1.

So, what’s the Marketing Technologies! Corporate Promise?

Marketing Technologies! will…

  • Get more leads and customers for your business faster and cheaper than almost any other advertising method you currently use.

  • Help you stand apart from your competitors and build valuable relationships with customers in tough economic times when every advantage is critical.

  • Create compelling marketing for your business and place it strategically in Internet search engines where local consumers look for your products or services.

  • Use the latest technology to get your brand blasted out all over the Internet in a matter of minutes and keep it there for months – and even longer!

So, what is the Marketing Technologies! Corporate Promise – what do you get when you deal with Marketing Technologies?

  • You get real results, measured in leads and sales – A proven way to generate leads and customers even when usual methods don’t work as well as they used to.

  • Worldwide power aimed at your local market – The combined power of New Media marketing and the Internet in a turnkey service provided by a company that understands your local market – because it’s based here, too.

We’re experts who guarantee our work… Our team of certified New Media marketing experts, trained and dedicated to get results for your business – or you get your money back. (what yellow pages, newspaper, radio station or TV channel has ever guaranteed you results?)

Your brand and your business… online… for peanuts! Your own commercials, Internet TV and radio features about you and your business, broadcasted regularly to your market for far less money than you ever imagined possible.


Contact us TODAY to learn more!

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