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Mick Young – Founder & CEO

mick-headshot3Eagle Web Video! and Marketing Technologies! are headed by Mick Young MSA, MCC, CLC.

Mick Young is a successful entrepreneur, business owner, renowned best-selling author, certified master coach & business growth consultant, and international speaker. He is a seasoned entrepreneur who excels at developing and managing high-performance startup companies with an obsession on delivering a professional and dynamic end-user driven experience. Mick Young and his team achieve this thanks to daily innovation, creative solutions based on user feedback, and a high commitment to exceed the expectations of their stakeholders.

Upon graduating high school, Mick Young joined the U.S. Navy – advancing quickly through the military ranks over his first 10 years of enlistment. Never letting an opportunity pass him by, Mick furthered his education, earning a degree in Adult Education. He then entered officer candidate school and graduated a proud Navy Officer.

The next eleven years were some of Mick Young’s most rewarding, providing him the opportunity to serve his country by continuing to serve in the U.S. Navy. He was chosen for several prestigious positions, many times being handpicked over others much more senior than he.

As a junior officer, Mick Young was the favored choice to take over a position that was previously held by a very senior officer and one of his mentors. He was appointed the most junior Commanding Officer in Naval history for a training and consulting office, responsible for providing support for all Navy ships and shore stations in the Pacific, the Far East and Middle East. During some of his most active and mobile service time, Mick Young took on an additional task – to obtain an advanced Master’s degree in Business & Management.

After retiring from a sterling military career, Mick Young accepted the position as Director of a culinary school and 5-Star restaurant training facility for several years. The restaurant industry is extremely demanding, and he soon realized that this was not his calling.

Since that time, well over fifteen years, Mick Young has conceived and built several very successful service businesses, as well as developing winning strategies and techniques for marketing, advertising and business management, both online and offline. Mick is a Master Business Coach and a Certified Life Coach. He is author of the best seller, “Your New Venture… Real Business or Hobby?”, as well as several other works.

Mick’s current passion is to share his knowledge and experience with those in the business community, in order to save them time, money and frustration.

To Your Success!


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