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The old eagle-web-video-squaredays of marketing are over. Yellow pages, mailers, inserts, and even websites are becoming less effective. Today, consumers want to get to know you before they buy. One of the most effective online strategies to obtain more customers is through video. Studies show that video converts prospects into buying customers better than other more traditional marketing methods.


Video Production

Eagle Web Video! creates compelling MotionGraphic, Spokesperson and Animated Slideshow videos for online direct marketing, sales and communications. Our talented creative team produces quality video content quickly and affordably that generate results. Whether our clients need brand response videos for consumer marketing and online advertising, or direct response videos for B2B marketing and lead generation, we meet their video production needs at less than half the price of traditional agencies.

Our Creative Directors and Motion Graphics team have mastered the art of creating engaging, cost effective direct response marketing videos using the most advanced motion graphics techniques available. We combine available website graphics and images with stock and custom imagery to create highly stylized, branded videos that resonate with our client’s target viewer and drive high conversion rates.


Video Marketing

Eagle Web Video marketing services can provide companies like yours with video production, optimization and promotion services. Video marketing allows companies to communicate their message in one deliverable on multiple levels: imagery, the spoken word, and text, all while reaching a huge audience with minimal expense in the shortest amount of time.

We assist our clients in developing custom strategic marketing campaigns that leverage online web video and social media solutions on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs and other social community sites to achieve our client’s marketing goals. Our services include consulting, training, tech set-up, video production, distribution & syndication, as well as social media promotion of videos. We provide clients with state-of-the-art “Attention Getting Videos” that get potential customers to pick up the phone, or come in and buy more quickly – and buy more often!


Video Distribution

Video is a powerful way to demonstrate instruction or present emotional content. They often show up in the search results, allowing you to gain more website visitors by dominating your market’s natural search results. Our video marketing team helps optimize a video based on your targeted keyword phrase for the strongest results. We can assist in creating a script, graphics, images, and other media based on digital content you provide. Or we can optimize your already produced video so it has what it takes to reach the top of reputable search engines. We can also provide royalty free background music and professional voice-over talent. We can then distribute the video to various popular video sites such as YouTube, Metacafe, and many others.

Video distribution, with the right Video SEO (video search engine optimization) drives traffic, while the video itself greatly improves the prospective clients buying experience with instant visual gratification, stimulating all the right senses. Whatever products or services are provided, Eagle Web Video services can get multiple listings on pages 1 and 2 of the primary search engines for the highest volume “buyer orientated keyword search terms” for whatever may be offered.


Video Syndication

The Web 2.0 age has seen video marketing become more and more a main stream marketing tool. We assist your business in achieving the required exposure and branding to acquire and convert visitors into customers. The recent major upswing in video marketing is due to the rate of return on investment. The opportunity that video holds is limitless as video sharing sites grow in number and viewership. Videos create a tidal wave of traffic for your business and get your phone ringing off the hook.

Eagle Web Video can assist in developing a custom strategic marketing campaign that leverages online web video and social media solutions on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs and other social community sites to achieve your marketing goals. Our services include consulting, training, tech set-up, video production & distribution, as well as social media management.

So, the number one question becomes how to get our client’s video in front of their targeted prospects. We have answered that challenge by developing a unique online method to “push” a video to page one of Google and other search engines. When our videos appear in the search engines, they provide an unfair business advantage because they grab the consumer’s attention. They force prospects to click on the video. In fact, studies have shown that online shoppers will click on a video at a rate of 10 times more when compared to a standard website.


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